Are you fed up with boring and expensive baubles on Christmas trees? Why not try making some Art Attack baubles instead?

You will need:
  • a balloon
  • some wool
  • PVA glue
  • a cup or mug
  • a ruler
  • a pair of scissors
  • a carrier bag or plastic bin liner
  • some glitter
Start by blowing up a round balloon so that it fits roughly into the palm of your hand, like this.

Donít make it too big!
Stand the balloon in an old cup or mug, so that it holds the balloon steady.
Now you need some wool. It doesnít matter what type or colour you choose - any will do!
The idea is to cut about thirty strips of wool, roughly about the same length as a 30cm ruler.

Then put some PVA glue into a bowl, and dip one piece of wool into the glue, pressing it in with a finger.
Pull off the excess glue like this.
Lay your wool pieces on a carrier bag or a plastic bin liner, and let it dry off a little - but not too much, because you donít want it completely dry!

It still needs to be sticky for the next step.

And donít let the wool pieces touch, otherwise theyíll stick together!
When youíve done lots, youíre ready to start wrapping the wool pieces around the top half of the balloon.

Take one piece of the sticky wool string, and wrap it around the top of the balloon like this, curling it this way and that way.
Now take another length, and do exactly the same, just wrapping it around so that you get a criss-cross pattern with small gaps in between.
When youíve finished the top, leave it to dry.

Then turn the balloon over and do exactly the same on the other half.

Itís very important that the new wool string you put on now touches the already dry string.
When youíve wrapped all of the other side and left it to dry, youíll have something that looks like this.

It should only have a few gaps, and the glue will have dried solid.
Now, carefully pop the balloon with scissors!
Then remove the balloon from the inside very carefully.

You'll now have something that looks like this.
Add some dabs of PVA glue all over the outside, and then roll it in glitter!
When itís dry, youíll have something that looks like this.

And there you have it - a cheap but brilliant bauble! You'll need to tie on a loop of cotton so that you can hang it on your Christmas tree, of course.

You can use lots of other types of wool to get different effects!

Try it yourself!