Here's a neat way of making pictures that look great from every angle.

You will need:
  • A cereal or teabag box, or similar
  • A few sheets of A4 paper
  • Scissors
  • A black pen
  • Colours (felt tip pens work best)
  • Glue
First cover three sides of a tea bag box.

Get the measurements by placing it onto one end of some paper and drawing around it.
Then turn the box over as you go and draw around it again.
When you've done three sides, cut it out.
Then draw your design onto it.

Here's a street scene.
Dab some glue on the back, and wrap it around three sides of the box, lining it up, pressing it into place and then wrapping it around.
When you've done that, take another sheet of paper and this time get the measurements of the back and the top of the box. The back is the side that you haven't yet covered with paper.

Draw around the back of the box and then roll it over to the get the top.
Cut the paper out and glue it onto the box.
Next, take a pen and continue the design around the back of the box, going all the way around it.
Make sure all the lines join up, and if there's anything half drawn, like this balloon, finish it off around the corners.
When you're happy, colour the design in.

You can do this whichever way you like, but felt tip pens work well.
When it's coloured in, it will look something like this.

The great thing about Around The Block Art is that they stand up by themselves and look great with no frame at all.
Here are some more ideas for you.

How about this cool safari scene? The picture goes all the way around the block!
What about this great underwater scene, this time on a different shaped box?
Or maybe even this alien planet, made up from sticking lots of different boxes together.
You could even make a few of them and have your own round the block exhibition gallery!

Try it yourself!