Be inspired by nature's own patterns... the ones on animals! It's amazing just how many animal patterns there are, and you can use them in your own Art Attacks too.

You will need:
  • coloured paper
  • coloured felt
  • felt tips
What's this pattern then? Black streaks on white paper. And what does it remind you of?

You guessed it - a zebra!
What about this one? Black streaks again - but this time on orange paper. What do you think?

Of course, a tiger. A very recognisable pattern.
Black spots on white this time. Look familiar?

That's right - it's a Dalmatian!
And if you make the spots and blobs bigger, what do you get? Bit more tricky this time...

...a cow!
It doesn't matter what you use to create your patterns either. Black pieces of felt on yellow isn't the only option. Consider brown felt tip on yellow paper, or a pencil crayon. What's this one then?

Any idea? Yes - they all belong to a giraffe.
So just take a look at lots of animals, and be inspired.

Here are just a few examples of some other animals you could copy the patterns from.
...and when you've been inspired, you can use them for lots of Art Attacks.

How about wrapping paper, picture frames, or book covers?
You could even use fabric paint to create tiger T-shirts, or how about patches on jeans using acrylic paint. Maybe even old strips of material to create these... Neil's underpants ?! Experiment!

Try it yourself!